Fund Types: Designated Agency Funds

Helping Your Charitable Organization

Donors may identify one or more charitable organizations to receive an income stream forever. If at some time in the future the named charity is no longer recognized as a 501(c)3 organization, the Foundation Board of Directors has the variance power to select another organization with a similar purpose to benefit from the fund.

Existing Designated Agency Funds

Acacia Academy Fund

Ann N. Adams Endowment (for First Evangelical Presbyterian Church)

Bette Bannon Endowment for Howard County Historical Society

Bette Bannon Endowment for Kokomo Rescue Mission

Weston and Marjorie Bassett Endowment Fund
(for the benefit of Grace United Methodist Church)

William and Sharon Bassett Fund
(for the benefit of Bridges Outreach, Kokomo Rescue Mission and Kokomo Urban Outreach)

Bona Vista Endowment Fund

Dr. John A. & Joan E. Bowman Memorial Fund 1
(for the benefit of Community Howard Regional Health oncology)

Dr. John A. & Joan E. Bowman Memorial Fund 2
(for the benefit of Ascension St. Vincent oncology)

Bridges Outreach Endowment Fund

Camp Kesem Endowment Fund

Carver Community Center Endowment Fund

Central Middle International School PTA Fund

Central National Bank Fund
(for the benefit of the Kokomo Symphonic Society)

Clinic of Hope Endowment Fund

Beulah Marner Cobb Endowment
(for the Howard County Historical Society)

Cole Hardwood Fund for Destination: Education IUK

Community Assistance Foundation Fund

Kenneth L. "Red" Craig Fund
(for Kokomo Education Foundation General Scholarship Fund, Kokomo Rescue Mission, and Family Service Association)

Credit Bureau-Kokomo for Destination: Education IUK

Cross America Inc. Fund

Destination: Education IUK Endowment

Eastern Howard Performing Arts Society Endowment

Endowment for Visual Arts Fund
(for the benefit of the Kokomo Arts Association)

Family Service Association of Howard County

Mary C. Fingleton Fund
(for accounting degree majors)

First Congregational Christian Church Foundation Fund

First Congregational Christian Church H.W. Peabody Maintenance Fund

John Eugene Fredrick & Bessie Kitselman Fredrick Memorial Fund
(supports Bridges Outreach)

Michael "Big Mike" Geary Fund for Gilead House

Grace United Methodist Church Endowment

Grace United Methodist Church Local Outreach Fund

Grace United Methodist Church Outreach Ministry

Greentown Historical Society Fund

Greentown Public Library Fund

Habitat for Humanity of the Kokomo Community Fund

Haitian Environmental Support Program Fund

Glen and Jeanne' Harland Endowment
(for Purdue University-Kokomo Scholarships)

Ruth S. Hotchkiss Memorial Fund
(for the benefit of the Howard County Historical Society)

William S. & Susannah B. Hough Endowed KSO Chair Fund

William S. & Susannah B. Hough IUK Scholarship Fund

Howard County 4-H Fund (Paul J. Raver memorial)

Howard County Historical Society Fund

Howard County Veterans Memorial Endowment

John F. Hughes Memorial Fund
(for the benefit of the Hospice Center-Northfield Hospital, Northfield, MN)

Maude Kelley Memorial Fund
(for the benefit of Howard Regional Health System Foundation Scholarship Program)

Kiwanis Club Foundation of Kokomo Fund

Kiwanis Club Foundation of Metropolitan Kokomo Fund

Joan Knolinski Scholarship Fund
(for Kokomo Morning Musicale Scholarships)

Kokomo CEO Endowment Fund

Kokomo Civic Theatre Fund

Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Fund

Kokomo Humane Society Fund

Kokomo Morning Musicale Fund (for Scholarships)

Kokomo New Car Dealers Association Fund
(for the benefit of Ivy Tech State Auto Technology Scholarships)

Kokomo Park Band Fund

Kokomo Public Schools Education Endowment Fund

Kokomo Public Schools Education Special Programs Enrichment Fund

Kokomo Public Schools Education Foundation Holly Kirkpatrick Fund

Kokomo Rescue Mission Endowment Fund

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Burt Family Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation Class of 1972 Spirit of Harmony Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Coulter Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Davis Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Deluise Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Dunbar Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-General Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Healy Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Hogan Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Holman Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Kammeyer Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Lewis Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-McConnell Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Carl McNulty Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Moore Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Moulder Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Sandifur Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Showalter Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Smith Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Swain Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Wells Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation-Winslow Scholarship

Kokomo Schools Education Foundation Athletic Dept. Fund

Kokomo Schools Extracurricular Activities Fund - Band Boosters

Kokomo Symphonic Society Fund

Madge Morrison Long & Maxine Morrison Memorial Fund for Howard County Historical Society

Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer Endowment

Main Street Christian Church of Russiaville Endowment

Norman & Wanda McVay Fund
(for the benefit of St. Luke's United Methodist Church)

Mike's Italian Grill Endowment for Birthright, Inc.

Walter J. Moss Teacher Enhancement Scholarship
(Howard County teachers seeking an advancd degree or a student seeking an education degree)

National Greentown Glass Association Fund

New London Cemetery Perpetual Endowment

Oakbrook Community Church Fund

Durward & Rosemary Paris Fund for Grace United Methodist Church

Durward & Rosemary Paris Fund for Literacy Coalition

Gene, Wilma, Heber & Blanche Parks Russiaville Town Enhancement Fund

H. W. 'Hod' and Barbara Peabody Fund
(to support American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Community Foundation, Kokomo Park Band and Marine Corps League)

H. W. "Hod" and Barbara Peabody Fund
(to support mission projects of the First Congregational Church)

Pennfield Friends Housing Endowment Fund

Ralph & Thelma Peters Memorial Book Fund
(for the benefit of the Eastern Elementary School Library)

Project Access Fund

Redeemer Lutheran School Tuition Endowment Fund

Irene Rolland Fund
(for the benefit of One17 International, Inc.)

Larry Rolland Fund
(for the benefit of Bridges Outreach)

Robert & Daisy Rostron, Sr. Fund for St. Andrew Episcopal Church

Sagamore Council, Boy Scouts of America Fund

Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church Endowment Fund

Samaritan Caregivers Endowment Fund

Sesquicentennial Celebration Fund
(for the benefit of the Howard County Historical Society)

Evelyn Iliff Stanley Fund for the Literacy Coalition

Sternemann Family Fund for Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School

Taylor High School Class of 1970

Taylor School Corporation Fernung Fund

John Murray Thompson Fund for the Historical Society

Sterling P. Tignor Fund
(for the Kokomo Symphonic Society)

Tribal Trails Girl Scout Council Endowment Fund

United Way of Howard County Endowment

Urban Enterprise Association Streetscape Maintenance Fund

Wheelchairs for Kids Endowment Fund

Young Men's Christian Association of Kokomo
(for the benefit of the Kokomo Family YMCA)

R. Franklin Zehring Endowment Fund
(for the benefit of the Kokomo Rescue Mission, Grace United Methodist Church, Grace Baptist Church, and the United Methodist Church of Bennett Switch, Indiana)

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