Fund Types: Donor Advised Funds

Be active in the grant making process

Donors may be actively involved in the grantmaking process by recommending which qualified charitable organizations should receive grants from their advised fund. These flexible funds enable donors to address a wide variety of issues as their charitable interests and priorities change over time.

Existing Donor Advised Funds

Dr. John A. & Joan E. Bowman Memorial Fund

Gary F. Carmichael Family Fund

Ann Darby McCann Symposium Club Fund

Tim & Dana Davis Family Advised Fund

The Ellis Family Endowment Fund

Margaret Schwartz Fredrick Fund

Ruth K. Fredrick Advised Fund

The Gingerich Family Fund

Isabelle I. Hayes Advised Fund

Healthier Community Endowment Fund

The Hingst Family Fund

Betsy & Robert Hoshaw Environmental Fund

Robert L. Hutchins Memorial Endowment

Kokomo Early Risers Rotary Club Fund

Christina Lorentson Family Fund

Eugene and Nancy McGarvey Endowment

Stan Mohr Fund for Youth

William M. Morgan Endowment Fund

Partners In Education Endowment Fund

Rayl Family Fund in Memory of Richard L. 'Dick' Rayl

Second Chance Endowment Fund

Scott Family & Scott Law Office Instruments of Hope Fund

The Severns Family Fund

Michael L. Spear Fund in Memory of Amber Spear

Joe and Katie Thatcher Endowment Fund

Phillip & Dee Ann Weaver Endowment Fund

Whorwell Musicianship Fund for Eastern High School

J. D. & Lynn Young Endowment Fund

Young Leaders Endowment Fund

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