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Rex and Kara Gingerich

Rex and Kara Gingerich - Donor Advised Funds

Rex is the immediate Past President of the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of Howard County, the owner of several automotive dealerships in Kokomo and a very devoted Dad and husband. Kara is the busy mother of three with a long list of community involvements. They both grew up here and think that this is a wonderful place to live and raise their family.

They feel very strongly that teaching their children about philanthropy is a very high priority for them. The have a family donor advised fund and are using it to teach their children to do research about a cause or issue and to make informed decisions on how to give back to the community. They see the Community Foundation as partners in the education of their children in matters of philanthropy.

In addition to the Foundation, they are supporters of Bridges Outreach, YMCA, Kokomo Urban Outreach, Huddle, Kokomo Rescue Mission, United Way, and Project Access. They are not only generous with their personal funds but Rex models corporate good citizenship, as his automobile dealerships are also very generous supporters of community projects, notably the new Park on Carter street which had very generous support from Button Dodge and Chrysler dealership. Rex feels that anyone with a real desire to help the community should give strong consideration to working with the Community Foundation because of the expertise and flexibility that the Foundation offers.

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