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Memorial Giving Builds Relationship through the Foundation

Robert Hill - Scholarship Fund

Many years ago, Steve Johnson became familiar with the Community Foundation of Howard County when he gave a memorial in honor of someone he knew. This was the beginning of building a relationship with the Foundation through memorial giving.

Through Steve's memorial giving and various contacts, he began to learn how the Foundation could help him with his charitable giving goals.

This knowledge was helpful when his wife passed away and he was looking for a way to honor her memory and teaching career. With this in mind, he came to the Foundation. "I knew the Foundation would work with me and take good care of my fund. I think the Foundation's investment services are as good as anybody's or better," he said.

Working with Foundation staff, Steve established the "Patricia F. Johnson Scholarship." The scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a bachelor's degree in language arts, arts or music. "My wife taught for more than 25 years," said Johnson. "She taught language arts, and was a good singer and artist. This scholarship honors her talents."

Steve also utilizes the Foundation for his memorial giving. He uses memorial giving as a way to honor someone he knows and to build up the scholarship fund he established. Steve recommends giving memorials through the Foundation and believes the staff works hard to find the right recipients for the scholarship.

"Endowed funds through the Foundation will last into the future," he said. "The value of the scholarship will increase. In the beginning, we were able to award a $500 scholarship and now that is up to $1,000. You can start a fund and add to it over time through various types of giving and amounts. Using the Foundation is a good way to support the local community."

For more information about the benefits of giving through the Foundation and the different types of funds, contact Greg Aaron at (765) 454-7298 or


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