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Honor a loved one or organization

Anyone may establish a fund of one of these types with a gift of $12,500 or more. These funds may be named to honor a loved one, or named for the purpose of the fund, or the non-profit organization that is supports. Many donors have chosen to establish funds to benefit their church. Foundation staff is available to work with you to make this experience what you really want it to be.

Call (765) 454-7298 or email us to ask any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.

We are always eager to work with your attorney and or your accountant to do all we can to assist you in making a gift in the way that best suits your circumstances.

Your Legacy in Howard County

The Legacy Society is a very special honorary organization within the Foundation. It recognizes those forward thinking individuals who have remembered a fund within the Foundation in their estate planning.

  • Legacy funds can be started with a gift of $1,000.
  • You can have up to six years to grow the fund to $12,500.
  • When the fund reaches that level, it can become a permanent named fund in the Community Foundation of Howard County.
  • It can be named for the type of fund that it is, or with your family name, or in honor/memory of a loved one.
  • You will be recognized in our publications as a Legacy Fund starter, until it has reached the permanent fund level.
  • Grants made from your permanent fund will be a part of your legacy of "making a difference" in Howard County forever.

Legacy Fund Starters

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, call us at (765) 454-7298or e-mail us at We would love to help you establish your Howard County legacy.

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