Fund Types: Community Endowment or Unrestricted Funds

Recognizing that the community's challenges and needs will change, donors have established community endowment funds to address the changing needs of Howard County now and forever. Donors can entrust the Foundation with the selection of the most needed programs to receive grant funding based on a competitive process.

Give. Match. Grow.

For a limited time, Lilly Endowment Inc. will match $2 for $1 gifts given through our community endowment unrestricted funds.

Existing Community Endowment Funds

    Hilda G. Burns Community Fund

    Celebration Memorial Fund

    Community Endowment Fund

    Credit Bureau of Kokomo, Inc. Fund

    First National Bank Community Endowment

    The Hunt Family Fund

    McIntyre Family Fund

    Miller Fund

    Sheehan Family Fund

    Earl W. Turner Memorial Fund

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