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J.D. and Lynn Young

J.D. and Lynne Young

J.D. and Lynn Young moved to Howard County in 1984, both graduates from Purdue University. They continue to run a successful business - Young's Water Conditioning - and they are actively involved in the community.

They first heard about the Community Foundation of Howard County while working with the Rotary Club, when Community Foundation President, Ron Harper, made a presentation. They immediately knew that this was something they would like to get involved in.

J.D. has served on the Board of Directors in an effort to maintain the strengths that the community already has, and build on things that need to be improved.

They have established the J. D. and Lynn Young Endowment Fund within the Community Foundation to support a variety of programs and projects that will make this a better place to live. They also have been very generous to support a host of non-profit projects with free water. In Kokomo the "Culligan Man" is really a very nice guy.

Besides their involvement with the Community Foundation, they support the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce. Specifically, their dream for Howard County is for the Community Foundation to have enough funds to meet all of the needs in the community. They like the idea of the Foundation because it doesn't support just one specific sector, but rather lends its support to a variety of organizations and projects that will benefit the community and its residents. Thanks J. D. and Lynn for the variety of ways that show that you care about this community.

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